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Simplified Steps to Winterizing

How Do I Winterize My Pool? 

There are many perks to living in the great state of Texas! One of which is our mild winters. With the proper care and upkeep you can keep your pool operating year round.

We understand that keeping your pool open year round isn't for everyone. If you are needing to winterize your pool, below is a list of steps you can follow to ensure you are covered. 

Step 1: Clean Your Pool

Vacuum and brush your pool. Making sure you clear out all dirt and debris.

Step 2: Test the water

Check the pH, calcium, alkalinity, and chlorine levels. If you are unsure about what the levels should be, just ask us! We would be happy to help.

Step 3: Add chemicals

Add in a pool shock, winter algaecide, stain & scale preventer, and a slow-release floater with oxidizers.

Step 4: Lower the water level

You will want to lower the water level to be just a few inches under the skimmer. If you are using a pool safety cover instead of a winter cover, do not lower the water more than 18” from the top of the pool.

Step 5: Clean the pump and filtration system

Make sure your system is clean and all debris is fully removed. The last thing you want is to come back to a big yucky mess when it's time to swim.

Step 6: Clear the lines

Blow the lines out thoroughly. It is best to use a blower, shop vac, or air compressor. If you have a pool heater, make sure it is also dried out.

Step 7: Install a winter cover

The winter cover will help protect and keep debris out of you pool. Making re-opening quick and easy!


Not ready to take on this project alone? Call or text us to set up an appointment for a simplified pool experience! 


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